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    Nature's Palette -- Green

    Nature's Palette -- Green

    Green is one of the common color in nature. It is the medium and high frequency part of the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic wave, with a frequency of 520~610THz ( correspond to the wavelength of 577~492nm in the air ). It is between yellow and blue in spectroscopy and favored by nature.

    Green is a very flexible color that can be "warm" at the yellow-green end of the color palette or "cold" at the blue-green and turquoise ends.

    Large area of green maybe not easy to handle for everyone, hence a small range of green color decoration can satisfy our persistent pursuit of green very well. Today we are going to look at the green color used when applied in eyewear accessories.

    (The following glasses showed are for reference only, not entirely produced by the recommended materials )

    Green represents freshness, hope, safety, calm, comfort, life, peace, tranquility, nature, environmental protection, growth, vitality, youth, relaxation.

    Psychologists suggest that exercising in a park surrounded by trees is better than working out at the gym. When feeling down and negative, we can also try to look at some green, which can make our emotion more positive.

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